Installation & Commissioning of Electrical Sub-Station

With growing need of power Electrical Substation is the most crucial for it. Mascot has a dedicated division of Installation and commissioning of Electrical substation.

A dedicated and experienced team with specialized tools has implemented various Substation Projects of different grade as 11kV, 33kV, 132kV/33kV etc. involving below mentioned steps


  1. Survey- Our team is specialized to  prepare Survey drawing,  alignment map, survey report, detailed BOQ, etc


  1. Design & Engineering- With specialized team and tools we design the required support structures, civil drawings as per the survey report.


  1. Civil Work- Based on the Engineering drawing our team execute the civil work for different type of foundation for structures, Foundation for Transformer, Protection wall for transformer,  cable trench, control room, earth pit etc.


  1. Supply & Installation of Structures- We supply and Install the approved structure as required as per the engineering.


  1. Supply & Installation of Transformer- We Supply and Install the Transformer and its accessories from scratch at the Site.


  1. Supply & Installation of Electrical Equipments- We Supply and Install the Electrical Equipments as GIS, AIS, Switchgears, CRP, from scratch at the Site.


  1. Cable Laying- With experience manpower and specialized team we lay the cable both Power and Control cable as per requirement following all standard.


  1. Jointing and Termination- We have experienced manpower with all tools and accessories as required to do Jointing & Termination work for both Power and Control cable.


  1. Testing and commissioning- We Perform all the test as per Standard and requirement of the Client before commissioning of the Substation.