Power Distribution & Management of Utility Services

Power Distribution and Management of Utility Services is one of the Prime divisions of Mascot. It gives us immense pleasure in providing efficient, time bound service to the end consumer directly.


Today we are handling around 15000 customers of Jamshedpur by providing below mentioned services.


  1. Permanent Electrical Connection to Residential and Commercial Building- We perform the survey, prepare the budget as per the guidelines of Jusco, perform civil work as required, laying of cables, Installation of Meter and other Accessories.


  1. Temporary Electrical connection- We provide temporary electrical connection by following all the guidelines of Jusco as per request.


  1. Electric Meter Reading, Bill Generation & Distribution and Bill Connection- Our dedicated team of Meter readers do the meter reading, Generate and Distribute the Electricity Bill. We have a collection center were our team collect the electricity bill payment from the consumers.


  1. Call center- We have a dedicated 24X7 Call center to register the complain from the consumers for any issue regarding disruption in the electricity supply. Our dedicated team of technicians attends the call 24X7 and resolved them in time-bound manner.


  1. Disconnection- One of our team perform regular checking in the consumer area to locate any illegal connection, theft of electricity. If found we do the disconnection and take necessary steps as required to stop any theft of Electricity.


  1. Development of Area- As per the growing need of power, we develop new Substation, upgrade the existing Substation, Power distribution network, Street Light.


  1. Preventive Maintenance- We perform the necessary preventive maintenance for the entire distribution network for the consumer base of 15000