EHV Cable Laying

EHV Cable Laying is a cable laying method that is safe to use and provides a reliable, safe and economical solution for the installation of high-voltage electrical cables. While laying electrical cables, safety is of paramount importance.

EHV Cable Laying has been designed to ensure that you can safely lay your cables in any environment, whether it's underground or above ground. The method uses a specially designed cable laying machine and specialist tools to install the electrical conductor safely, while protecting it from damage during installation. Our route survey, civil work and maintenance services ensure that your cables are properly placed, which will prevent the risk of accidents and damage to your equipment.

At our company, there is a well-defined approach for providing EHV cable installation that fits the exact requirements of any given project. Our process is designed to make sure all needs are met with the utmost attention to detail and efficiency.

  • Route Survey: - Our company offer specialized services to identify the best possible paths of travel, as well as underground utilities. We do this by examining the ground closely with our penetration method. Additionally, we also mark down any utilities found over ground on topographical sheets and prepare a detailed map which includes the alignment of the chosen path, a profile breakdown and an in-depth report including BOQ (Bill Of Quantities) and Cable Schedule details.
  • Design & Engineering: - Our team of experts, equipped with the necessary tools and resources, specialize in creating cable support structures that align with survey reports and route maps. Our engineers take great pride in producing detailed civil drawings according to our clients' demands.
  • Civil Work: - Based on the route our team execute the civil work for preparation of cable trench, joint bay, earth pit etc.
  • Supply & Installation of Structures: - Our team is qualified to provide the necessary installation of structures such as a cable support structure and a cable termination structure. We make sure that only approved structures are used in order to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Cable Laying: - Utilizing experienced personnel and a specialized team, we execute our plans for laying the necessary cabling according to route diagrams while adhering to all industry standards. Our efforts ensure that no detail is overlooked in this complex process
  • Jointing and Termination: - Our team of expert Jointers come equipped with all the necessary tools and materials to successfully complete Jointing & Termination work. We have extensive experience in this area, allowing us to handle any project with confidence.
  • Testing and commissioning: - Prior to deployment, we use specialized cable testers to ensure that the cables are of optimal quality. Our equipment is used for Sheath Voltage Test, IR Value Test and also Sheath Continuity Test.

The benefits of using our EHV Cable Laying are numerous:

  • Regular maintenance: - With regular maintenance and testing and commissioning services, you can have complete peace of mind when using our product.
  • Safe to use: - EHV Cable Laying provides an economic option for installing high voltage electrical conductors without causing any damage or harm to workers or local residents.
  • Jointing and termination: - Additionally, our supply and installation of structures, jointing and termination services make sure that you have the highest quality of power supply available.
  • Cost effective: - EHV Cable Laying is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for delivering power. Our product offers safe and regular maintenance, as well as testing and commissioning services to guarantee a long-term supply of power.